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FEMS Affiliates News - February 2023
1. Microbiology News and Events
Registration for FEMS2023 is now open!
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Summer School for Postdocs Applications Open Soon
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Nominations are now open for our FEMS Science Communication Award!
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Microbes and Us Podcast: Episode 17
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Perspectives: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023
Volunteer: Join the #OnThisDay Team! (2023)
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Out Now: Portable Microbiology Laboratory Part 3 - Results
Part 3 – The Results!
Van Leeuwenhoek Medal Awarded
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Meet the FEMS Team!
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2. FEMS Research
The FEMS Research Bulletin
FEMS Research Bulletin - No. 003
Meet the Editor-in-Chief of Pathogens and Disease: Prof. Gad Frankel
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3. Policy Corner
How scientists can become ‘Honest Brokers’ in policymaking
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Science|Business Bulletin No. 1098 - 21 Feb 2023
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4. Grants Corner
Meeting Attendance Grants (Deadline: 1 March 2023)
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Meeting Organizer Grants (Deadline: 1 June 2023)
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Meet FEMS Meeting Attendance Grantee: Jack Stone
FEMS Grants
5. Opportunities
Symposium for Aquatic Microbial Ecology – SAME17
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Job of the Month
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6. Extras
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Rewatch FEMS Microbiology Ecology Webinar On Microbial Life Strategies
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FEMSmicroBlog New microbes discovered in 2022
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