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FEMS Affiliates Letter - January 2021
1. Microbiology News and Events
FEMS Journals Announce Article Award Winners 2020
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World Microbe Forum
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In memoriam Prof. Armen Trchounian (1956–2020)
Prof. Armen Trchounian (1956–2020), FEMS Microbiology Letters
FEMS Introduces Two New Awards
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Welcome, Kosovo Society for Microbiology
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FEMS Webinars
FEMS Webinars
AMR news corner
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2. Publications
Development of vaccines at the time of COVID-19
Long-term enriched methanogenic communities from thermokarst lake sediments show species-specific responses to warming
The bright side of social cheaters: potential beneficial roles of “social cheaters” in microbial communities
Malyl-CoA lyase provides glycine/glyoxylate synthesis in type I methanotrophs
Bacteriocins as a new generation of antimicrobials: toxicity aspects and regulations
The greater wax moth Galleria mellonella: biology and use in immune studies
Improving 3-methylphenol (m-cresol) production in yeast via in vivo glycosylation or methylation
Out Now: Thematic Issue on Yeast Genomes
3. Grants Corner
Meeting Attendance Grants (1 March)
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FEMS Congress Attendance Grants (18 March)
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Meet FEMS Research and Training grantee Tim Van Den Bossche
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4. Opportunities
Voice of Young Science: 'Standing up For Science' online workshop
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Job of the month
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5. Extras
Science|Business Bulletin No. 907

26 January 2021
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New research by DSMZ
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Publishing Now: All Talks from International Microorganism Day 2020
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