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FEMS Affiliates Letter - May 2022
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1. Microbiology News and Events
Investing In Science
Investing in Science
FEMS introduces support for Early Career Microbiologists caught up in the war in Ukraine
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Short Story Writing Competition – How Will Microbiology Change Our Future?
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A platform for industry and scientists to connect
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FEMS Summer School for Postdocs 2022 – Deadline approaching!
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Guideline curriculum for Degrees in Health Science
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News from Microbiology Society
What’s New in Cryptosporidium
What should be the topic of this year’s Peer Review Week?
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FEMSmicroBlog Reviving the View - What it takes for a spore to germinate
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2. The FEMS Journals
FEMS Microbes
Hidden in plain sight: challenges in proteomics detection of small ORF-encoded polypeptides
Repurposing the PDMA-approved drugs in Japan using an insect model of staphylococcal infection
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3. Policy Corner
Science|Business Bulletin No. 1031 - 26 May 2022
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4. Grants Corners
Meeting Organizer Grants (Deadline: 1 June 2022)
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Research and Training Grants (Deadline: 1 July 2022)
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Meet FEMS Research and Training grantee Miroslav Caboň
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5. Opportunities
4th Ecology of Soil Microorganisms
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Job of the Month
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6. Extras
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First round of Industry Placement Grants (IPG) approved!
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