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FEMS Affiliates Letter - June 2022
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Short Story Writing Competition – How Will Microbiology Change Our Future?
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Superbugs: A new interactive education resource about the microbial word
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FEMS Yeast Research Poster Prize: Valentina del Olmo Toledo
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FEMS Microbes - building a more open future
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Launching an innovative open research platform
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FEMS2023 – Let’s reconnect
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FEMSmicroBlog ''How bacteria can save a frog’s skin''
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2. The FEMS Journals
FEMS Microbes
Human milk oligosaccharides induce acute yet reversible compositional changes in the gut microbiota of conventional mice linked to a reduction of butyrate levels
Gram-negative bacteria act as a reservoir for aminoglycoside antibiotics that interact with host factors to enhance bacterial killing in a mouse model of pneumonia
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3. Policy Corner
Science|Business Bulletin No. 1039 - 23 June 2022
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4. Grants Corner
Research and Training Grants (Deadline: 1 July 2022)
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FEMS Industry Placement Grants (IPG) (Deadline: 1 August 2022)
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Meet FEMS Research and Training grantee Jingqi Chen
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MedVetPathogens 2022
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Ongoing support is available for Early Career Microbiologists caught up in the war in Ukraine
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