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FEMS Affiliates Letter - July 2022
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1. Microbiology News and Events
FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2022 - Highlights
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Microbes and Us Podcast Episode 12: How do bacteria fight their viruses? with Dr Aude Bernheim
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Increased support is available for Early Career Microbiologists caught up in the war in Ukraine
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KNVM News - Nominations for the 'Van Leeuwenhoek Medal'
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FEMS Microbes - building a more open future
FEMS Microbes: Why submit?
Bring your expertise to develop European Guidelines on surgery-related infections
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Microbiology Society News - Strong journals metrics performance
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2. The FEMS Journals
FEMS Microbes
Antibiotic tolerance in environmentally stressed Bacillus subtilis: physical barriers and induction of a viable but nonculturable state
Comparability of 24-hour composite and grab samples for detection of SARS-2-CoV RNA in wastewater
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3. Policy Corner
Contribute to evidence-based policymaking with your microbiology expertise!
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Science|Business Bulletin No. 1048 - 26 July 2022
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4. Grants Corner
Meeting Attendance Grants (Deadline: 1 September 2022)
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FEMS Industry Placement Grants (IPG) (Deadline: 1 August 2022)
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Meet FEMS Meeting Attendance grantee Lucija Podrzaj
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5. Opportunities
Pasteur Jubilee Conference
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FEMSmicroBlog - When two pathogens interact in one host
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Call for Papers in FEMS Journals:
June 2022
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