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The #FEMSmicroBlog is opening a short story writing competition to showcase how microbiology touches our lives.

The theme we have chosen is ‘How Microbiology will Change our Future’ and is open to any flash fiction story (up to 700 words +/- 50 words) with any perspective, genre, and microbiology topic.

The stories will be read anonymously by our judges and evaluated based on these three criteria:

  • Storytelling craft (1/3)
  • Relevance for society (1/3)
  • Novelty (1/3)

Read the full guidelines and regulations here: https://fems-microbiology.org/short-story-writing-competition-how-will-m...

#FEMSmicroBlog #FEMSmicroStories

Deadline for submission is 30 June 2022.

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