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Begin your application for a FEMS Grant

Please note that you will be able to save and return to unsubmitted applications at any time via your myFEMS login.

  • Simply click 'Save draft' at the bottom of the application form
  • When logged back in, go to My applications and click 'Actions' next to the name of your Grant application and click 'Continue'


Meeting Organizer Grants application form

Deadline - 1 November 23:59 CET for meetings taking place between 1 June the following year and 31 May the year after that.

Research & Training Grants application form

Deadline - 1 July 23.59 CET for projects taking place within 1 year from 1 September.

Industry Placement Grants application form

Deadline - 1 July 23.59 CET deadline for projects that will start within 12 months once granted, although earlier starts are encouraged.

Meeting Attendance Grants application form

Deadline - 1 September 23.59 CET for meetings that will be held within a year from 1 November.

I have already been awarded a Grant and I want to find out how i can claim my grant.